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Gay Dad SupportĀ Net

This site is here to support English speaking men from all parts of the globeIMG_9820_1

To benefit you will need to be or have been in a heterosexual relationship with a woman and to have children with her. You don’t have to identify as gay, you could be bisexual or just plain confused about your sexuality, just knowing it isn’t heterosexual

This is not about what is ‘normal’ but rather what it is to be you. Normal is a word we learn to accept doesn’t apply to everyone and for those it doesn’t work for, that doesn’t mean they are abnormal just different.

Stereotypes are not helpful, the rules religion or society places on us are based on those stereotypes and many of us find ourselves in this situation because we tried to live someone else’s ideal of what we should be.

I cannot promise you will discover any scenario which perfectly matches your own or that, if you did the solutions reached by that person will help you at all. What I will say is, look through the site and see how you feel afterwards. If you don’t find a connection then write me personally, I’ve over 20 years experience on the subject so I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Feel free to look through the site as often as you like and, if you feel you would like to talk to other men who may have experienced some or all of what you are experiencing.

All media requests need to understand that I will not contribute to anything for free any longer. I am sad to say I had too many take advantage. I would expect all expenses and a reasonable fee subject to negotiation.

To all individuals who need my support, I have always been and shall always be providing that for free.