Gay Dad Support Net

This site and its attached group is here to support English speaking men from all parts of the globeIMG_9820_1

To benefit you will need to be or have been in a heterosexual relationship with a woman and to have children with her. You don’t have to identify as gay, you could be bisexual or just plain confused about your sexuality, just knowing it isn’t heterosexual

We don’t do ‘normal’ here, you are who you are and that will always be respected

There are no rules as to expected outcomes, each man writes his own, what we aim to do is to guide you through your own unique situation to the best conclusion for you

Feel free to look through the site as often as you like and, if you feel you would like to talk to other men who may have experienced some or all of what you are experiencing, why not join the Yahoo Group?

One thought on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for taking the time to produce a new web site, it is very appealing.
    I live in Surrey , probably quite a distance from other guys that have posted on this site.
    It is good to know there are other people in the same position, life does get complicated at times!

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