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This site is here to support English speaking men from all parts of the globeIMG_9820_1

To benefit you will need to be or have been in a heterosexual relationship with a woman and to have children with her. You don’t have to identify as gay, you could be bisexual or just plain confused about your sexuality, just knowing it isn’t heterosexual

This is not about what is ‘normal’ but rather what it is to be you. Normal is a word we learn to accept doesn’t apply to everyone and for those it doesn’t work for, that doesn’t mean they are abnormal just different.

Stereotypes are not helpful, the rules religion or society places on us are based on those stereotypes and many of us find ourselves in this situation because we tried to live someone else’s ideal of what we should be.

I cannot promise you will discover any scenario which perfectly matches your own or that, if you did the solutions reached by that person will help you at all. What I will say is, look through the site and see how you feel afterwards. If you don’t find a connection then write me personally, I’ve over 20 years experience on the subject so I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Feel free to look through the site as often as you like and, if you feel you would like to talk to other men who may have experienced some or all of what you are experiencing.

All media requests need to understand that I will not contribute to anything for free any longer. I am sad to say I had too many take advantage. I would expect all expenses and a reasonable fee subject to negotiation.

To all individuals who need my support, I have always been and shall always be providing that for free.

7 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for taking the time to produce a new web site, it is very appealing.
    I live in Surrey , probably quite a distance from other guys that have posted on this site.
    It is good to know there are other people in the same position, life does get complicated at times!

  2. Hi, great website..I may need all of this help very soon – signed off work by doctors for 2 weeks (hating myself for it)…is this website still going??

  3. I am 41 years old and just came clean to my wife who I have been married to for 17 years that I am playing with guys my entire life. I told her that I experimented with guys before we got married and she knew that I like to gay porn. I never felt gay but always was attracted to guys. I have had a great marriage and sex life just as long as I could get my male fix when those urges occurred. I never had sex with any guys until 4 years ago after I lost 95 pounds and started gettting picked up by guys all all the time. It made me feel great! I started meeting many other married guys on craigs list but never felt any connection if was just sex and ugres. I has one fuck buddy who made me feel very safe and he was the first guy the topped. My wife reaction of course was shocked and her first response was it’s over. As time passed she said that she wants to work on staying together and I can have sex with guys on the side. The deal is that I can’t have a boyfriend and can’t live in the gay life. I was going to circuit parties for two years but she had no ideas what went on there. I told her that I don’t need a boyfriend but I am not intrested in random hookups that I want a buddy to play with that he understands my situation. We are just starting therapy. We both told our families and a few friends because we were heading down the road to divorce. I don’t want to leave my wife as of now but I don’t want to give up who I truly am. I am not straight and don’t see my self as a gay man and being told by my theropist that I don’t need to put a label on who I am just be me. I never knew this would be so hard to deal with but it had to be done. I would love to talk and communicate with other guys in my situation and support. Is there any groups going on in Los Angeles?

  4. Hi. Just wondering if anyone still post on this site. Gay, firefighter dad with two teenagers. Divorced for three years now. Living in VA and not many gay people or gay dads to talk to.

  5. My name is Adam. Ive always been interested in men. I’ve have sex and even a gay lover for five years. After him I was as attracted to the “normal family man lifestyle as I was men”. Don’t get me wrong, I was attracted to my wife. But her own personality, selfishness and laziness quickly made me detest her. Within this narriage two children came to be. They are now my children. She’s been forced by the courts to take them for visitation even though she doesn’t want to and I have a legal obligation to let her take them. They’re getting older now and neither one of them like her. They don’t want to see her anymore. That’ll be brought up in our next court appearance. Anyway… while in the process of divorce, I met a man from Craigslist. He and I were secret lovers at first because he is married to a man. My relationship with him lasted for almost three years. I love him. But now he’s found a “new group of friends” and he’s cheating on both me and his husband. During this three year relationship, this guy became a member of my family my children love him. He’s been fully involved but the extent of our relationship has been keep secret from everyone except his manipulating, backstabbing hag. My point is this. I don’t believe I’m gay, I don’t believe I’m straight. I honestly believe that my desires, perversions and the people to whom I find attractive changes as I age. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me. I think I’m normal and society has gotten it wrong all along, to so ignorant that believe what a person is attracted to, can’t change over time is just not normal. I find both men and women attractive but reject the bisexual label because if I’m swaying one way more than the other, the lable makes me feel like a liar. Can’t I just be called a people person?
    I am in absolute dire need of a friend. Someone who is just like me. I refuse to believe I’m a freak and that there’s only one person like me.

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