In the Media

NOW (North of Watford)

May 2000

nowmagNOW Article (pdf)

This is the one which almost certainly started the ball rolling with the media. It seems they trawl through countless magazines until they find a story they like the look of and then the TV, Radio and other Magazine offers come in.

Again, this one I wrote myself

Woman Magazine

July 17th 2000

woman_magpppWoman (pdf)

As with many others, they telephoned and asked for the story. They also sent a photographer round which was a bonus.

What’s On TV

21-27 October 2000

whatontv_magazineWhat’s On TV (pdf)

There are a few of these who wrote articles to promote the TV programme

‘My Gay Husband’


TV & Satellite Week

21-27 October 2000

tvandsatweek_magazineTV & Satellite Week (pdf)

There are a few of these who wrote articles to promote the TV programme



M Mag (The Mirror)

8th February 2003

m_mag_frontM Mag Article (pdf)

I was surprised to get this one and rejected them several times. I had always sworn I’d never do anything for the tabloids. But, this guy persisted, said he was gay too so would promise a fair story.

He was true to his word & it was very good

Out! & about

January 2004

outandaboutOUT! & about (pdf)

I was asked to write a piece about what used to be which is now this site.

I have run this support group for many years and have always been aware of the extreme isolation many guys feel because they have to accept they are a gay man in a heterosexual marriage.

Love it!

8-14th August 2006

love_it_fpLove It! (pdf)

This lot, what can I say? They were a pain from start to finish. They were late, they took three months past the publication date to pay up, totally awful and for such a short piece as well. Ironically, I got more expenses money from them than any other but that still doesn’t excuse their attitude!


19th January 2011

The SunThe Sun (pdf)

I had avoided the Murdoch press for years but, at long last they offered a deal I couldn’t resist and a totally different angle.

The article is written from the perspective of my second eldest son prompted by the first child of Sir Elton John.

They wanted to know how having gay parents affected the children, whether there were benefits or drawbacks.

This is the only truly professional piece I played a part in using an agent and, for once, getting a very nice fee.

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