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Contribute by way of Gift

For many years I have fully funded this site myself. That means the software, the hosting package, the domain names and my time.

For all of that time I have been on a very low income because I have disabled children, it has, at times, been a struggle

Guys have pointed out to me that they would like to offer me a gift by way of a 'thank you' for what I have done to help them and, I guess, not allowing that is sort of making me look a little stupid

In that way of thinking I am giving you some options.

Either write to me personally using the group email address and ask for my address so that you may send me a token or, if you prefer for me to pay directly against the expense of either the services I use or my time, sign on to PAYPAL and make a payment to [email protected] 

If you would prefer to send a cheque, email me for my address

These are options only. There is no obligation, no penalty for not doing so and no favours if you do.

Many thanks

Steve Williams (Ste)