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Objectives of Gay Dad Support


  • To create a safe space where guys from all over the English speaking world can offer help, support and encouragement to each other.

  • To protect the identity of members to the best of our ability

  • Provide the facility for members to write to each other via email

  • Arrange regular informal meetings so that the guys have a chance to meet in person on a social level

  • Allow all guys a chance to say what they think, this will be done on a list specifically set up for this purpose

  • To respect the confidentiality of all members to the very best of our ability

  • We will comply with the current Data Protection Act on the storage of members details

  • Provide equal Opportunities to all members regardless of their chosen label, their method of becoming fathers, their marital status, their social standing, where they live in the world, their religion, ethnic origin etc. We only make one exception to this rule ... all members must have at some time been men and fathers and in a relationship with the mother of their child. No gay father in need of help should be excluded.

  • Never to make a charge for access to either the web site or the mailing list

  • Deal with disputes fairly and quickly

  • Answer questions honestly and efficiently.

  • This group is owned by one person. From time to time, other men may brought in as moderators.

All the above are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the group