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Story 3

This can only be a snippet of that life as I have lived it now for 65 years this month - though age is, as I've said elsewhere, a set of figures defined by prejudice!

I am married to my wife (4o yrs July 2002) with 3 grown up kids, and 5 grandkids with another on the way! All know my sexuality - and seek to accept me and allow me to exercise it in a discrete way!

Of course this hasn't been reached easily - in fact 14 years ago everyone would have said I was hetro; but wife discovers gay mags, shit hits fan, but we are able to deal with that by my agreeing, at her request I must be Bi, and if so, I must be able to swing either way!!

However, two strong and passionate relationships on - and a confession to my wife I loved the guys, made it plain I had strong feelings which had to bear the label gay. And having established that, and told the family, I have lived with the result, which is a growing respect for the women who has travelled this journey with me for so long, and who deserves better, and yet because she loves me, seeks to give me certain freedoms to be gay, which allows me to breath the "air" God (I am a clergyman) created me to breathe, and stay with those who are my children as a father and a friend! That's my story so far...... and there will be more. for life is never static. However, I have been nourished and nurtured by friends who also appear on this site - and feel certain that will continue as long as we stay open towards one another, and honest to ourselves!