I don’t know how you feel about music, whether or not it helps you think, focus or inspires you but, some music has that effect on me. I hear the lyrics and it’s like, yes, that works. It tells me something I have maybe been thinking for a while. It’s just sometimes great to hear it out there, in the public domain, someone else saying it.

This first one isn’t, as far as I am aware, about sexuality at all, it’s likely more about circus acts but, never mind that. To me it tells the story of coming out, of becoming someone else. Despite everyone either physically now or historically telling us that it’s wrong to be gay we know we have to be. We’ve got to the point in our life when we realise, perhaps accept that it isn’t a choice. We were born this way. We did a really good effort to live the heterosexual life which was expected of us but, finally we’ve accepted, that set of rules and how we are, just don’t work.

So, this song says to let someone fall and that’s how it is, we’ve got to take that step, risk everything in a make or break decision. The most comforting part is, once you do it you will be your own saviour. You will realise that a significant part of you which holds your confidence and strength is tied in with your decision to live your life openly. You will, once the dust has settled, catch yourself, save yourself.

I was shocked to hear this and even more so that it featured so highly in the charts both in the US (11) and the UK (6)

It was introduced to support the campaign for same sex marriage in Washington and, we can see from the news just how much the US is still kicking and screaming about same sex anything. That said, the law nationally now is to accept same sex marriage.

In the UK we also have a law allowing same sex marriage but we added a clause excluding just about all the major religions so they are still free to discriminate based upon the sexuality of the couple. So, we’ve equality but only a kind, a version of equality.